A Message from the President

     It is my great pleasure to serve as this year’s president of the Maine Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (MSHP). The profession of pharmacy is growing and expanding into new territory and MSHP is excited to serve as a leader in this change. We have worked over the last few years to grow our continuing education events to reflect these developments and have targeted programming to new and emerging areas. Conferences focused on pharmacy leadership, ambulatory care and our upcoming population health management event in April 2018 are all intended to meet the needs of Maine’s pharmacists, students, and technicians in being prepared for the expanded practice opportunities available.

Pharmacist provider status and other areas of pharmacy advocacy are at the forefront of the work we have been doing this year on the MSHP board. In the coming months, with the launch of the new MSHP website and logo, we are hoping to refresh and revitalize the organization. It is our goal to better engage pharmacists from across Maine, identifying areas of need, and connecting colleagues to improve pharmacy practice and patient care across the state.

We are in an exciting time professionally and have the benefit of having two schools of pharmacy, which continue to grow pharmacists in our state. We look forward to seeing all of you at future programming events and encourage you to reach out and get more involved with MSHP as a board or committee member. A great first step for getting more involved is to submit nominations for board membership and MSHP awards, as well as completing the areas of interest survey which will be used to guide future programming.


Pharmacy Technicians, getting your required CE's has never been easier! 


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MSHP is a growing organization, bringing health-system pharmacists, technicians and students together across the state working to progress pharmacy practice. Benefits to joining include networking throughout the state and with national representatives, discounted pricing on meetings and continuing education programs, and staying up to date on new legislation. Join us today! 


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We are always accepting articles for our newsletter. If you are looking to share your institution's innovative new practice or to share updates with other pharmacists in our community, please contact:

Emily Tilton, PharmD

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